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Ophelia your colourful friend

Written by Kristina Renshaw


Posted on November 18 2023

Have you ever looked at yourself through the eyes of an Artist? 

If you had to paint the complexion of your face, how many colours would you have to choose? look at the shadows under and above your eyes, around your nose, what colour are your cheeks? What colour is your forehead? Under your chin? your neck? 

I guess you didn't realise you are so colourful and beautiful? 

Just like Ophelia who's a beautiful colourful Ostrich, that teaches children how to mix lots of colours from just Red, Yellow, Blue. Ophelia teaches children how to see all the beautiful colours around the world through an artists eye. 

In Series One, Ophelia's Colourful Journey, Ophelia illustrates how to mix various skin tones from just Red, Yellow and blue. 

To accompany this we have created 'Ophelia's Watercolour Colouring Book' where children will learn to mix watercolour paints with instructions, paint fun pictures, colour wheels and more! Have Fun! Whilst Learning and Painting! 

Not forgetting the little ones, we created Ophelia's Song, an Introduction to Ophelia. 

 Ophelia's Colourful Journey, Ostrich teaches children to mix red, yellow, blue paint Ophelia's Watercolour Colouring Book, Ostrich teaches children to mix red, yellow, blue paint Ophelia's Song, for under 3yrs an introduction to Ophelia