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Discover Unique Artistry at Kristina Maria Arts

Welcome to Kristina Maria Arts

Discover a treasure trove of Kristina Maria's fine art artist creations. From captivating religious art to enchanting Jesus art, every piece is a reflection of the artist's passion and craftsmanship.

Wrexham Artist: Capturing Local Beauty on Canvas

  • Original Paintings: Dive into the serene beauty of "Waterlilies by Kristina Maria," inspired by the splendor of Bodnant Gardens, and more.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Adorn yourself in our organic t-shirts, featuring vibrant, handcrafted designs.
  • Illustrated Works: As an esteemed illustrator and author, Kristina Maria brings stories to life through her imaginative children's books.
  • Home Accessories: Infuse your space with artful elegance with our selection of furniture accessories and homewares.
  • Personalised Gifts: Choose from a curated range of greeting cards, picture frames, and gift options for every occasion.

Featured Collections

Artwork, Homewares, Greetings Cards & Gifts:

  • Herbs Not Weeds: Embrace nature's untamed beauty with this unique collection.
  • Poppy Love: Celebrate the bold and the beautiful through Kristina's Poppy-themed art and accessories.
  • My Sweet Pea: Delight in the sweet charms of Kristina's Sweet Pea illustrations products.

Children's Books: Enchanting Tales by Kristina Maria

Breathe life into bedtime stories with our magical range of children's books, lovingly penned and illustrated by Kristina Maria. Share the joy of reading with the little ones in your life.

Organic T-Shirts: Sustainable Fashion Meets Art

Embrace conscious living with our exclusive lines of men's, women's, baby, and children's T-shirts, celebrating organic materials and ethical practices.

Elevating Spaces with Art

From elegant prints and framed art to bespoke wallpaper designs, transform your surroundings into a panorama of color and creativity.

Contact Kristina Maria Arts

For inquiries and commission requests, reach out to us at or call us at +441978253885. Experience the fusion of art and life at Kristina Maria Arts, where every piece tells a story.